Growing Skills: Charlie's Supported Employment Journey into Horticulture

Charlie is off to a flying start during his Supported Internship with Sustainable Garden Solutions in Medway. Read more

Welcoming Sarah as a Co-worker!

From bemix Supported Employment to employment in bemix - Sarah’s journey has been an exciting one! Read more

Siobhan's hard work is recognised at Medway Street Angels

Siobhan prepares for the world of work with a bemix Supported Employment placement at Medway Street Angels and her achievements are recognised! Read more

Rory achieves his goal of paid employment with Co-op!

Having completed a bemix Supported Internship with Co-op, Rory goes on to achieve his goal of paid employment, with support from a new bemix Post-Internship Programme! Read more

Supported Internship to paid employment - Harry’s journey with international accountancy firm, Azets

Harry has proved himself to be a committed, enthusiastic and skilled employee with much to offer an organisation, like Azets. Read all about his journey from Supported Internship to paid employment! Read more

Discovery catering visit Abbey Physic Community Garden in Faversham!

Discovery Catering project members visit Abbey Physic Community Garden in Faversham! Read more

bemix leaders win Peer Review Outstanding Reviewer Award for second year running

bemix leaders are winners for the second year running of an Outstanding Reviewer award for their peer reviews of academic papers. Read more

‘Your Life Is In Your Hands’ - new single by bemix!

We are proud to present  ‘Your Life Is In Your Hands’ - a new single by bemix music and arts project! We are people with and without learning difficulties and/or autism. Read more

Sarah and Dannii join forces at Blair Park

Excelling individually and progressing together - Sarah and Dannii achieve great things during their bemix employment programme placements! Read more

Counselling through bemix

650 counselling sessions, 30 people with access to counselling and 5 qualified counsellors later, the bemix counselling project has drawn to a close. Read more

Ofsted success!

A long awaited opportunity to show Ofsted around our Supported Employment provision and fantastic results for bemix! Read more

Stress Awareness Month - All About 'Community'

For Stress Awareness Month, bemix WellBEing Group reflect on the theme of 'Community', stress, isolation and mental health. Read more