It’s My Dream!

Amy was matched with JPS Renewable Energy to provide administrative support to the team, and what a match it has proven to be! Read more

Outdoor Counselling for people with learning difficulties and/or autism

We are now able to offer outdoor and walking counselling sessions to people in bemix as well as online and indoors. People can benefit from gentle exercise and fresh air while talking side by side. Read more

Work placements continue in a changing world

As we move out of lockdown, more Supported Internship work placements are starting up and whilst some things look a little different, our values and approach are still very much the same. Read more

Rubbish In Our Oceans

Staying creative and connected in lockdown! We collaborate virtually on a creative project, to highlight an important global issue. All made out of rubbish! Read more

Why we joined the National Counselling Society

bemix is proud to be an organisational member of the National Counselling Society (NCS). Read all about why we feel it is important that we joined the National Counselling Society Read more