Lily's Social Kitchen - Supported Work Experience

We serve customers. We help cook meals and make drinks. We learn about food hygiene. We work as a team. We have fun and meet new people!Read more

Photography Volunteer

Are you a keen photographer? Do you have a good eye for capturing high impact, positive shots of people? We are looking for a Photography Volunteer to take photos at our bemix Celebration on 1st October, and possibly at future events.Read more

Commissions and bespoke items

Eco Shed specialises in hand making items from reclaimed wood and other materials. Do you want a unique item of furniture or a household item? Contact us to talk through what you need.Read more

Amplified (music industry skills)

We work in a music studio. We take bookings and look after the equipment. We help organise gigs and make sure other people know about them. We learn about the music industry. We have fun!Read more

Contact us

Details of our office addresses, phone number and email address. Contact us directly using our contact form.Read more

Newsletter Sign Up

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Apply for a job

Apply for our current job openings hereRead more

Our bemix journey

How the organisation began. Where we are now. Where we are going. Find out about our journey from Skillnet Swale to bemix.Read more

Privacy Policy

This Policy explains how we might use information about you to tell you about the work we do and opportunities for you to get involved.Read more

What is a social enterprise?

bemix is a social enterprise. This means we are a business that tries to improve communities, people’s life chances and the environment. Any money we make is re-invested into our work and local communities.Read more

Who we are

We are people with and without learning difficulties and/or autism, working and learning together. Whether it’s to be seen working, be heard campaigning or belong to a friendly group of people, people achieve their goals with bemix.Read more

Learning disability awareness workshops for schools

Being Seen, Being Heard is a group of people with and without learning difficulties and/or autism. We give talks and workshops at primary and secondary schools. We talk about our experiences and help children and young people to understand what people with learning difficulties are like.Read more

Co-working and co-production

We work in a way that we call co-production. This means working together as equals in all parts of our work. People are real decision makers about the support they have.Read more

Support for Employers

A free job-matching service that helps employers recruit and retain people with learning difficulties. We support your business and the candidate throughout a trial work placement to ensure a great experience for everyone.Read more

Supported Employment (Internships)

Supportive pathways into the world of work for people who need additional support. Promoting confidence and greater independence in accessing support and services and aiming for sustained paid employment.Read more

Group support

Our projects and support aim to provide a stepping stone towards greater independence for people with learning difficulties and/or autism.Read more


As part of our groups and projects, you can do a course and get a qualification.Read more

Supported Internships (getting a job)

Speak with a work coach to find a job and workplace that suits you. Learn while you work. Grow your confidence and get support to get a paid job at the end of a work placement.Read more

Risky Business (drama and performing arts)

We share ideas and work on them together. We write scripts and perform. We don’t all have to learn lines. We can sing, dance and be on stage. We build confidence. We support each other.Read more

Discovery Catering (cooking)

We plan meals. We prepare and cook food together. We learn about washing and drying up properly. We make food for events in the community. The kitchen is a happy place! We eat together and have fun.Read more

About us

We are people with and without learning difficulties and/or autism, working and learning together.Read more


We learn about making music. We play instruments. We write songs and perform them. We have fun together and feel good!Read more

Eco Shed (woodwork)

We design and make objects from wood. We make lots of things that are good for wildlife. We sell the things we make and spend the money on Eco Shed. We have fun!Read more