After abuse at Whorlton Hall, how can we know people in Kent and Medway are safe?

That’s just one big question we have for health and social care professionals. There’s plenty of anger and alarm behind it, but emotion doesn’t always ask the right questions. Care for people with learning disabilities and/or autism who may harm themselves or others is a complex system with a difficult history. Professionals at every level face huge challenges and most care deeply about people. But, while abuse can still happen, the right questions must be asked and the right actions taken - now and over the long-term. 

Pictured above: Just one of the shocking scenes from the Panorama Documentary.

A bemix group representing people with learning difficulties and family carers has drafted six big questions for our local Transforming Care Partnership. Kent’s Corporate Director of Adult Social Care and Health has already committed to get them answered. Now we need your skill, knowledge and help so they and others across England can ask professionals the questions that really matter.

Click the button below to read our six big questions and feed back online. It’s Easy Read so we get everyone’s insights. Please support people with learning disabilities to get involved. We have more questions on specific areas of care and need views on these too if you have time. And use the form to let us know if you want the finished questions to take to your Transforming Care Partnership.

Six Big Questions

We’re taking until the end of July to get feedback, but let us know if you need longer. Then we’ll work with Learning Disability England and other partners to share this far and wide.

Yours with hope and determination,

Ann, Michael, Steve and Keith

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