An update from bemix performing arts group, Risky Business!

At Risky Business, we can't help but stay in the limelight - being seen and heard performing, and belonging in our project and in the local community! Like we say, in bemix people can ‘be seen, be heard, belong’!

Our groups are run by people with and without learning difficulties and/or autism. We are based in Canterbury at West Track Studios, and in Sittingbourne at The Avenue Theatre.

We have been working on a number of exciting projects and wanted to share our news with you. Since moving into our new home at The Avenue Theatre we have been inspired to develop creative and imaginative shows to make people smile!

That's not all - we've been busy behind the scenes too…


A group of six people standing on a performance stage with their arms raised. The stage is raised and has red drapes.

Risky Business project members at The Avenue Theatre in Sittingbourne


Growing skills

We are always growing our skills and currently we are exploring opportunities to learn more about theatre performance. As part of this, we are working with the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury to arrange a backstage tour - something we are all excited about!

Being seen and heard by more people

It’s important to us to be seen and heard in our local community and in wider society. Recently, we produced a video for the Great Big Green Week 2024, sharing our top tips on how to be more eco-friendly. We reached a wider audience when our video was shared with the bemix workforce, on social media and to customers at a recent Discovery Catering pop up café event. To help us create even more awareness about the work we do, we have also been working together to create a list of local celebrities who we hope will consider being ambassadors for Risky Business.

Big plans for 2024

We have big plans for the rest of the year, too! We are planning more fundraising events and any money we make will go back into our project. We hope to use some of the funds raised to buy staging for our Canterbury venue. Most excitingly, we are working on Murder Mystery night and a Panto performance for Christmas!


Would you like to learn more about our groups?

Keep reading for a taste of what we do, and what we have worked on in the past!



Last year, Risky Business put on a film screening and a stage show!

We hosted shows that were in celebration of the long-awaited 20th anniversary of bemix, and dedicated to the bemix workforce! Our Canterbury group created a short film about planning a party, and our Sittingbourne group created a parody of a Health & Safety training.

We held our film screening on 3rd March 2023 at One Pound Lane in Canterbury. At the venue, there is a hidden film room in the towers! We travelled to the room across a glass bridge surrounded by historical relics - a truly special experience! Our live show was hosted on 4th March 2023 at The Avenue Theatre. Our project home and rehearsal space came to life with production lighting, sound equipment and a live audience!


Film screening at One Pound Lane in Canterbury


Quotes from the Sittingbourne cast:

"Everyone was fantastic, even Jon's dying!" - Sam B

"I liked it when Sam wore his wig!" - Will H

"I thought the group did really well, we all remembered where we needed to be and everyone enjoyed it. We pulled it off!" - Leon C


To raise funds for equipment and hiring costs, we took part in a variety of sponsored events. Our goal was to raise £200 by March 2023. Fundraising events included:

  • Grace took part in a 5k Park Run

  • Henry took part in a 1000m swim

  • Louis cycles from Herne Bay to Whitstable

  • Sammy cycled 500 metres

  • Leon G took part in a 5k Park Run

  • Matt took part in a sponsored weightlifting session, lifting 80kg at the gym

Not only did we reach our £200 target, we went beyond it and secured £270! The fundraiser is now closed but you can still read about our journey by clicking here!



We waited a long time to be able to host these performances due to Covid restriction setbacks. It was great to finally show off our talents, and it was clear from both audiences that the shows were a roaring success! 

We would like to say a special thank you to everyone who sponsored us and joined us for our performances. We hope you enjoyed watching the shows as much as we enjoyed performing them!


Live show at The Avenue Theatre in Sittingbourne


What the audience said, in Canterbury:

"A hilarious half hour of spot on performances across the cast, that had the whole room bubbling over with happy laughter! Such a great way to end the week :)" - Matt

''Brilliant portrayal of bemix workforce members'' - Ebony

"Brilliant comedy, engaging and great story line! Well done all, fabulous performances!" - Helena

What the audience said, in Sittingbourne:

"It was great to see everyone in the show having fun and projecting that to the audience!" - Julia H

"So much fun for the actors on stage and the audience! Well done everyone!" - Rosie


We're excited to see what the rest of 2024 holds for us!


Would you like to join our performing arts groups in Canterbury and Sittingbourne? 

We have spaces in our groups and would love to hear from you! For more information contact: [email protected]