Our projects and support aim to provide a stepping stone towards greater independence for people with learning difficulties and/or autism. In our groups, people have the opportunity to develop a range of skills. These include skills linked to the project, for example, music, media, performing arts, catering or woodwork. In addition, people using our groups build social skills, confidence and self-advocacy.

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"It’s so client-led... It isn’t a case of the supporter setting out what we are doing. We decide together where we want to get to, and then the group comes up with how we get there" - Rachel, Risky Business

bemix works with individuals to develop a person centred support plan. The plan sets outcomes and goals that they would like to achieve and that are important to them. These are reviewed throughout a person's journey with bemix. The reviews include one to one sessions dedicated to supporting people to move on from bemix and access further opportunities.

bemix is contracted by Kent County Council as part of the Day Opportunities Framework.