Why we exist (our vision)

We want to live in a world where every single person is valued as an individual. In an ideal world, people with learning difficulties and autism would be fully and equally involved in all areas of society.

What we believe (our values)

We believe that all people should be treated as equals. All people should be valued as individuals. bemix wants to make sure that they are.  With bemix, people can

be seen ∙ be heard ∙ belong

"I'm very proud to have a learning difficulty. There is only one person like me and why should I hide away because I've got a learning difficulty. People can do whatever they want if they get the right support and information" - Steve, Director, Supporter and Jobs Champion

We are...


We should have an equal place and voice. It is possible to organise society so everyone can be fully in the mix, and not excluded.


We have qualities, abilities and potential. Taking time to understand us as individuals means we can be supported to achieve our goals and dreams. We have a right to choice and control over our own lives.


We should be seen, be heard and belong in our local community, including workplaces. A good society needs our contribution as much as everyone else’s.


We are the experts in our own lives. When we work together as equals with people who support us, everyone benefits.


Download our Ethical Policy to find out more. 

Be...part of something amazing!