'Isolation Maybe' - new single released

Musicians from across bemix have come together to form a musical collective called 'bemixers'. During lockdown, we wrote and recorded a song.  It was exciting to release "Isolation Maybe" as a single on Friday 7th August.  We recorded the music video using Zoom and our phones.

The song "Isolation Maybe" sends a powerful message of resilience and hope through difficult times. It aims to raise awareness of the effect that COVID-19 will have on the mental health and well being of a group of people who are already particularly susceptible to experiencing mental health problems.


Listen to the song here!

According to Mencap, the four main factors that contribute to poor mental health in people with learning difficulties and/or autism are:

  • Biology and genetics may increase vulnerability to mental health problems
  • A higher incidence of negative life events
  • Access to fewer resources and coping skills
  • The impact of other people’s attitudes

So what can we do to help?   During the week of the single release, we asked people across bemix what we we can do to improve mental health for people with learning difficulties and/or autism.

People can often find themselves segregated from the wider community. This might be unintentional due to poor accessibility or a lack of information about what is available. People might even feel intentionally bullied or excluded. This can make people feel lonely, worthless and unwanted.

"Talk to people. As a group, we help talk to people to increase their confidence." - Leila

"I work on Care and Treatment Reviews and the self-advocacy group in bemix. We talk to people and make people aware of how they can be an advocate for themselves or someone else." - Sammy

People with learning difficulties and/or autism are often treated as though they are incapable and need help, even before people get to know them.  This can make people feel helpless, frustrated and unnecessarily dependent on others.

"Explain to them I can do things" - Robert

"I need to speak up for myself" - Amber

"Demonstrate capabilities" - Edward

In bemix it is really important that we see each other as people. We find out what people are interested in and what they can do. We give plenty of time for people to speak up, and find out what support people might need.  

We believe that people will have better mental health if everyone has the chance to be seen, be heard and belong.

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"Isolation Maybe" is available for streaming and as digital download from all usual digital music download stores. Sustainability lifestyle blog, Moral Fibres, recommend buying digital music from 7Digital as an ethical alternative to buying music online from iTunes or Amazon.

The money raised from song sales will go towards providing ongoing accessible and inclusive mental health support for people with learning difficulties and/or autism.

Buy "Isolation Maybe" here

Check out the music video below!

Songwriting and staying connected

During lockdown, a group of us (with and without learning difficulties and/or autism) have stayed connected by writing and recording a song together. We usually see each other in person every week, so staying in touch with friends from our bemix family has really helped many of us through the isolation of lockdown.

The song "Isolation Maybe" sends a powerful message of resilience and hope through difficult times. It aims to raise awareness of the effect that COVID-19 will have on the mental health and well being of a group of people who are already particularly susceptible to experiencing mental health problems.

Sammy, who is part of bemix's self advocacy leadership team added "I've relied on friends, family and bemix to help me get through lockdown. Staying connected stopped me from becoming totally depressed and hitting rock bottom. Making radio shows and writing songs has kept me going."

Music is a big part of what we do at bemix. We have a number of Music groups across East Kent where we write music, learn how to play instruments, record and perform together. One of our newest groups, Amplified, focuses on music industry skills. We work together to promote, connect and play with musicians locally and further afield. In our Media groups, we write and release radio shows.

"People from bemix put a lot of hard work into making Isolation Maybe. That makes it really special to me." - Leila, Music and Media group member

Supporting Mental Health During Isolation

People with learning difficulties and/or autism have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though lockdown measures are easing, many remain vulnerable to isolation due to underlying health conditions or living in shared accommodation with others who do.

"Lockdown has been very hard. It has felt like prison away from family, friends and work," Music Project Supporter, Lis, explains. "Music is a big part of my life. Being part of this co-produced song and running the Zoom choir has lightened my spirit."

Leila agrees, "If I hadn't stayed connected with my friends at bemix I would have been really sad and bored. I always listen to music. Making the song and video was really important to me."

"I've been connected with bemix doing song-writing workshops. This is important because it stops me feeling lonely and sad. It makes me happy to stay connected with other people." - Poppy, Music Project member

Steve, Director of Arts and Adult Education at bemix says "Music has been such an important way of staying connected with each other, even though we are all remote. Isolation Maybe was written over Zoom and recorded remotely using Zoom recordings, audio clips recorded on phones and online platforms such as bandlab. Over the past few months it has contributed to sustaining a positive emotional well being. However, we are concerned about the impact this will have on mental health both in the short and long term. Levels of anxiety have increased during the lockdown and many people will continue to find it very difficult as we return to a different normality. In the long term, without effective support, the impact on mental health will be devastating."

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