About our support for you

Supported Internships is a free job-matching service that helps employers recruit and retain people with learning difficulties and/or autism. We support your business and the candidate throughout a trial work placement to ensure a great experience for everyone.

The programme supports businesses to take on students with learning difficulties and/or autism in a mutually beneficial internship.

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Contact Mark on 07419 113773 or at [email protected] 

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"Steph has exceeded expectations and it seems likes she has always been here! It’s exciting that she has finally started after months of planning and we are glad to have her on our team. She is really enthusiastic, hardworking and motivated" - Zoe, Manager at Lily’s Bistro in Canterbury

Benefits to you

Free - Save yourself time, advertising and agency fees.

We get to know you - We take time to fully understand what you need from your staff.  Our in-depth profile of candidates means we only present you with a great match.

Try before you hire
- We arrange unpaid work trials and working interviews so you can make a well-informed decision about whether to offer the job at the end of the internship.

Increased staff retention
- We support you and your new employee into their probation period and beyond. We are committed to your ongoing success together.

Supplementary learning
- Our candidates attend support and Functional Skills sessions focusing on learning gaps from work.

Support with adjustments
- If you need it, we help access funding to make adjustments to your workplace so your new employee performs to their full potential. We advise on compliance with disability legislation.

Image and Corporate Social Responsibility
- A diverse workforce is great for staff morale, your wider reputation and for a diverse customer base.