Wellbeing Scrapbook

The bemix Wellbeing Scrapbook is a collection of tips, activities and ideas to support good mental health and wellbeing.

People with and without learning difficulties and/or autism have developed the scrapbook and shared what helps them to look after their mental health.

Themes include: Physical Health, Mindfulness, Nature, Music, Pets, Creative Activities and What is Counselling.

The Scrapbook has been taking shape since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic - even though we didn't know it back then!

During the pandemic, people in bemix set up mental health Peer Support Groups. People met online to talk about how they were feeling and coping through the pandemic. The groups became a space where people could give and receive support. This helped people to have a sense of purpose, feel less isolated and learn more about looking after their mental health. Members of the group worked alongside group facilitators to decide what to focus on, as well as changing the name of the group to the "WellBEing Group" in recognition of our bemix strapline - be seen, be heard, belong.

It was through discussion in these groups that the idea and content for our Scrapbook emerged. Thanks to funding which enabled us to join the Covid Recovery Partners project, we were able to make our Wellbeing Scrapbook dream a reality. We are delighted to share it with you for free.

We are pleased to announce that bemix's Wellbeing Scrapbook is now available to download an interactive pdf copy here for free.

Alternatively, you can download a printable pdf copy which enables you to just print the pages that you need - save ink, save paper, save money!

We hope to print some copies of the Wellbeing Scrapbook which will be available to order here. If you are interested in purchasing a printed copy, please sign up to our mailing list to receive a notification when it becomes available to order.

We've been working hard to create this Scrapbook and are proud to share this collaborative piece of work with you. We would love to hear which activities you find helpful to support your mental health and being - share your thoughts in the comments section below. Please tell other people about the Wellbeing Scrapbook and share the link to this page on your social media so that more people can see it.

With thanks to Kent Community Foundation, The National Lottery Community Fund distributed by UnLtd and CareTech Foundation for funding our wellbeing support during the first two years of the pandemic.