A young person enrolled in bemix Preparation for Employment programme has been volunteering at Barnardo's in Rochester, Medway. In just six months he has made significant progress, developing a range of soft skills and building confidence to navigate the world of work. He is gaining valuable workplace experience whilst at the same time making a positive contribution towards helping others, through his role within the work of this national charity. With each passing day he has grown in confidence and embraced his role with enthusiasm. 

Preparation for Employment is a one-year programme that aims to build confidence and work related skills before starting a bemix Supported Internship placement. Supported Internship is about finding a placement that pays attention to the goals and aspirations of a young person making the journey from education to employment. We work closely with young people in their placements to support and grow independence and employability skills, with the aim of securing paid employment or an alternative work pathway at the end of the programme. bemix Supported Employment Specialists work closely with a young person, supporting them as much, and for as long, as they need.

With newfound confidence, independence and workplace experience, the young person is ready to take the next step on his journey towards employment - the Supported Internship year with bemix.

The young person and his family shared, “We'd just like to add that we are grateful for bemix's support with his continued education and confidence building, and help in finding a suitable work experience placement. We are also grateful to Barnardo's for giving him experience in a working environment and teaching him new skills. Our son enjoys his time at bemix and Barnardo's, and is happy to continue.” 

"This young person came in to volunteer with us at Barnardo's in December and has done really well. He has learnt a lot in his time with us, and his confidence has really come on in leaps and bounds. He works the till and greets everyone who comes through the door with a smile and a big ‘hiya’. He has learnt how to sort bags and tag and label for the shop, and he also helped with our big spring clean. He’s always happy to do anything asked of him, he just loses concentration sometimes, but he continues to work well within the team, and he’s a polite and happy young man." -  Mandy, Manager at Barnardo's Rochester

This young person is off to a great start and we can’t wait to share more of his story, as he takes the next step towards employment with a Supported Internship!

With bemix Supported Employment programmes interns develop independence, confidence, and essential employability skills, which can lead to life-changing achievements. Meanwhile, our free job-matching service supports employers in accessing a loyal and dedicated local workforce. Time and again, young people in Kent are demonstrating their worth as invaluable assets to employers, securing paid employment upon completing their internships. Employers with the vision to see the value in everyone are welcoming talented and reliable employees into their teams, who make significant contributions to their organisation, as well as local communities and wider society.


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