Amy and Daniel, members of the Supported Internships 'Weekly Well-being Group', have been leading the group in exploring ways of keeping positive and calm during lockdown.

Amy shared a presentation with the group, describing how spending time in the garden helps her to feel relaxed and happy.

Amy spoke about the smells and sounds of different gardens and how she finds looking for pictures in the clouds a good way of being mindful.

"I joined well-being group because I struggle with my depression and my emotionslearnt how to stay relaxed and looking at positive things instead of negative thingsWell-being group makes me feel stay relaxed and happy. My favourite activity is doing the presentation about gardens and our well-being and happy food" - Amy

The photos below are of some of the flowers in Amy's garden that she has been looking after.


The next week, Daniel spoke about his relationship with music and how he finds this affects his well-being.

"It was nice [to join the well-being group] instead of just doing work. It was nice to do other things as well...with homework you can’t take anything with it other than knowledge but the things we’ve been doing I can take into real life and use it." - Daniel

Daniel played the group a playlist of some of his favourite songs, concentrating on songs which calm him and songs which energise him.  Everyone in the group talked about how the songs made them feel and what they made them think of.  

Daniel's playlist and some of the feedback is below:

"'Demons' by Imagine Dragons makes me think of family and friends" - Danielle

"I could listen to 'River' by Emelie Sande 100 times over" - Daniel

"'Mr Brightside' by The Killers is my ultimate feel good song" - Jess

'Country Roads' by John Denver - Amy recognised a remix version of this and played it to the group

"'Sweet Caroline' by Neil Diamond makes me happy" - Danielle