We are artistic people working together on creative projects. We use our imaginations to think of projects we would like to do. We research them and adapt everything to work for different abilities. We use many different materials and mediums to do this. We also take part in other people’s creative projects if we are inspired by them - especially if they have a powerful message! We are sometimes part of creative projects in the community, too! Community projects we have been involved with include making lanterns for the Little Amal visit to Dover. We joined in with a bemix project to create sea scenes out of items of rubbish. We did this to share a powerful message about rubbish in our oceans. Other creative activities we enjoy doing are tie-dying, stencil art and designing artwork for other bemix projects, such as certificates and invitations.

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Tuesdays and Wednesdays


Hourly rate - £9.51


Email [email protected] for information.