The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a public health situation we take very seriously. 

Applying our company’s EPIC values, we will treat every person involved in bemix equally with respect to health, safety and wellbeing. We will treat everyone as an individual. Where a person is vulnerable to infection because of other health conditions, we will recognise this and respond accordingly.  We will make time to support people who are anxious.  We will also work together as an organisation to support people with the social impact of the outbreak locally and nationally. 

As co-workers, people with and without learning difficulties and/or autism will support each other to stay safe and make sure the outbreak does not disrupt our positive culture and aim for people to be seen, heard and belong.

Sticking to our values and keeping our distance

Since 'lockdown' was introduced on 23rd March, we have all been working from home. Our different projects are finding creative ways to continue working together and supporting one another in this different way of working.

It has been a challenge to adapt to the changes that 'lockdown' has brought, but it has also provided lots of opportunity for discovering new ways of working.  We have put together a comprehensive risk assessment for using video calls online, and are co-developing training on this. This has meant we have researched the best video call software and now know loads about how to meet up online!  This will help us provide more personalised, flexible and sustainable support into the future.

Keep an eye on our latest news for stories, or click on the links below, to see how we are still working in a co-produced way and making sure people can be seen, be heard and belong.

Co-production, COVID-19 and Transforming Care

How we are working

Our Be Seen, Be Heard group in Dover has been meeting online instead of in person. They have inspired other groups to try meeting in the same way.

Supported Internships and our Music, Media and Drama projects have been thinking of interactive online group sessions they can run. These will give people a chance to get together, learn new skills and keep working on their shared interests.  Discovery Catering is planning an interactive cook along!

Individual Life Choices coaching has been done using video calls. We have also been making countless phone calls and texts to one another to keep in touch. 

All Care and Treatment Reviews are now being carried out virtually by our Experts by Experience and Supporters. We are working closely with the National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi) to develop effective ways of making sure people in secure care are still getting the care and treatment they need.

Different members of the workforce have come up with ideas for keeping everyone connected, including sending out a weekly family quiz to everyone and checking in with people's emotional well-being.  We have been sending out regular emails to keep people updated with Government Guidance and how we are responding to that as an organisation.

(Updated 15th April 2020)

Please refer back to this page for regular updates from bemix about Coronavirus.

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