With Supported Internships, you can speak with a work coach to find a job and workplace in Swale, Medway, Thanet or Canterbury that suits you. Learn while you work. Grow your confidence and get support to get a paid job at the end of a work placement.

Your coach will support you to think about and find a work placement that suits you. They will also work with your new employer to help them support you. They will check everything is going well throughout the Internship.

You will learn most about your job by doing it! Most of your time during the Internship will be at your work placement. You will also learn Functional Skills. Functional Skills are things like using Maths and English in the real world. Supported Internships help you grow your confidence and find paid work doing something you enjoy.

“I like being involved as it has given me more skills and confidence in the workplace” - Alex

Would you like support to find a job?
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