Employer Engagement Specialist / Work Coach

What do you love about working with bemix?

I love working with people and no two days are the same. I feel very much part of the family already in the short space of time I have been here.

How long have you been involved with bemix?

Since February 2022

What is your role in bemix?

I have 2 roles within bemix. I am a Work Coach for Swale and also work with Mark Rose as an Employer Engagement Specialist. "What does that mean?" - Well, I spend my time speaking with businesses to find the right Internship placements for the young adults that join the Supported Internship Programme.

As a team, we make sure that the work placements are 'job-matched' to the right person. We take time to find out career aspirations and work with them to discover the right roles, so they can make the right choices. This way there will be a much higher chance that the internships become jobs, at the end of the programme.

I then work with the intern as a work coach.

What did you do before you joined bemix?

I worked in Retail Management for over 20 years. I loved talking to customers, whether it be to find the right product for them or solving a query.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?

I love spending time with my friends and family, whether it be going to watch my son play football, a day trip to the beach or gymnastics with my daughter.