We are proud to present  ‘Your Life Is In Your Hands’ - a new single by bemix music and arts project! We are people with and without learning difficulties and/or autism. We wrote, recorded, produced and mastered  ‘Your Life Is In Your Hands’. This single is our call to action. Our bemix mission is to be seen, be heard and belong. 'Your Life Is In Your Hands' is a celebration of who we are, and who we are meant to be. 

At first, none of us knew how to record or produce music. bemix is all about co-production, so we learnt how to do this together. We all played an important part in the making of 'Your Life Is In Your Hands'. We learned from the challenges we faced and we celebrated successes we had throughout the project. We worked hard together from the beginning of the project until our single release day!

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Music and arts project members explain why the single is important:

“I wanted to write something that touches the hearts of all of us. We are all important in our own way, if only we could all see that. bemix helps us feel strong and my wish is for all of us to feel that way no matter our disability.” - Carmen

“If i can write something that helps people when they listen to it, then it's worth it.” - Nigel

“This song tells people to love themselves for who they are.” - Dayle

“I just want to create something that means we can all be close.” - Sharni

“This song really encapsulates the spirit of self-belief, which is something we all need, for that matter.” - Tom

“I'm getting really good at understanding music.” - Louis

“I want to push meaningful music out there as much as possible.” - Sam

When creating the single, we worked closely with Jordan Easby. Jordan is a local session bassist with a lot of experience as a working musician. He has various musical connections around Kent. Jordan was the perfect collaborator for our new single! Jordan said “[It has been] a pleasure working with bemix”.

Buy ‘Your Life Is In Your Hands’ - click here

With bemix, people can be seen, be heard and belong. ‘Your Life Is In Your Hands’ is another example of how we can achieve this together. We want to live in a world where every single person is valued as an individual, and can be seen, be heard and belong. We want to live in a society where people with learning difficulties and autism would be fully and equally involved in all areas of society - in music, art and beyond. Read our Vision to learn more about why we exist as bemix and what we believe.

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