We are thrilled to share some wonderful news: following a fantastic start in his Supported Internship, Charlie has flourished into a valued member of Sustainable Garden Solutions (SGS) as a paid employee! 

Charlie started his journey with SGS, based in Rochester, Medway, in November 2023, braving the winter weather with enthusiasm and always bringing a smile. From the start, the entire team at SGS embraced Charlie and bemix with open arms, nurturing a work environment where patience and understanding are prioritised. Charlie has received invaluable support from encouraging colleagues - with a special mention to Ben and Meg for going above and beyond to help him reach his full potential!

Having always had a keen interest in gardening, and ambitions to learn more about the horticultural industry, Charlie is delighted about this exciting chapter in his career. Reflecting on his time with bemix, he shares, “I have enjoyed my time at bemix and really enjoyed my Supported Internship, and I have enjoyed working with my specialist. I am now excited to start my new paid role with Sustainable Garden Solutions!”

SGS echoes Charlie’s sentiments, expressing their joy in offering him a permanent position within their team. They say, “After several months working with Charlie alongside bemix and their support staff, we're happy and excited to offer Charlie an official job here at Sustainable Garden Solutions Ltd. We've loved working with Charlie over the last several months, and although he is already very much a part of our team, we're looking forward to giving him an official role following his internship.”

Charlie’s journey is a testament to the power of support and collaboration. From his initial aspirations in gardening to securing a fulfilling role at Sustainable Garden Solutions Ltd, Charlie’s determination and the support from both bemix and SGS have paved the way for his success.

Just like Charlie, young people in our Supported Employment programmes are making impressive progress in industries that align with their passions and aspirations. Through dedicated support from bemix Supported Employment Specialists, and employers who have the vision to see the value in everyone, like SGS, young people are not only achieving their goals but also making meaningful contributions to the workplace.

As we celebrate Charlie’s achievement, we’re reminded of the deep value of inclusion and equal opportunities in all areas of society, including the workplace. When people are supported to pursue their passions and talents, everyone benefits.

Congratulations, Charlie - keep blooming!

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