A core aim of the bemix Supported Employment programme is to support interns to find paid employment or an alternative work pathway at the end of the programme. We are overjoyed to share the news that two bemix interns, Alex and Sunny, have gained paid employment within the catering department at Medway Maritime Hospital. 

Supported Employment is a one-year internship programme that works closely with people to build confidence and prepare for the world of work. By paying attention to the goals and aspirations of an intern, a placement is found where young people can grow independence and employability skills.

Alex joined the Supported Employment programme in 2021. He is a determined young person who had a very clear ambition of wanting to work in catering, ideally in food preparation. When he started his internship at Medway Maritime Hospital, he discovered a love for customer service and now enjoys mainly working in the café where he serves food and drink, takes payment independently and chats with hospital staff.  

Alex said, "Thank you everyone at bemix for helping me get this job at the hospital, I love the job.  Staff are so friendly and I enjoy working with my new colleagues. I’ve been inspired since being there on placement and then in paid employment, it's given me more confidence in my daily life." 

Alex's parents said, "We’d like to add a big thank you to bemix, we are proud of what Alex has achieved, we had to be patient during the placement period of many months but seeing Alex in paid employment especially with an organisation like the NHS is of great relief to us. Based on the feedback we get from Alex each day we know he is very happy working there. Everyone is very friendly and understanding."

Sunny and Alex in the Medway Maritime Hospital Catering Department

Sunny joined the Supported Employment programme in 2019. His journey has not been without challenges - as a result of the pandemic, Sunny faced the disruption of placements stopping and starting. With a programme extension granted by the local authority, Sunny began a placement within the catering department at Medway Maritime Hospital. Sunny's main jobs are to clear trolleys, clean tables and load the dishwashers. Sunny enjoys working with his colleagues and feels fortunate to have found a role that is close to home. 

Sunny said, "The hospital has been very patient and welcoming. bemix have supported me into paid work and have been very helpful" 

Both Alex and Sunny have excelled in their positions and were both offered paid employment as Bank Staff in the summer of 2022. The academic year was officially over; however, bemix continued to support Alex and Sunny to navigate a lengthy recruitment process. This process included completing online courses and occupational health checks. Having shown patience, perseverance and growth throughout their journeys, both Alex and Sunny have now started paid work at the hospital.

"Both have come a long way. Sunny is communicating more and is feeling more comfortable in the team. Alex is now part of the catering family." Su and Karen, colleagues of Alex and Sunny at Medway Maritime Hospital.

Senior Facilities Manager (Catering), Simon Clark, said "It's so wonderful to see both young people come such a long way. From the beginning of the placement where they were not ready for paid work, to now, where they are paid members of staff - it's been amazing to see their growth. We're looking forward to continuing this relationship with bemix."


Congratulations, Alex and Sunny!


Bemix Supported Employment programme is a mutually beneficial relationship. Interns want an opportunity to work and prove their value as loyal, dedicated and reliable employees. Through being involved in the programme, employers access a local workforce who are hardworking, committed and who often fulfil a previously unmet business need. Like all bemix Supported Employment partners, Medway Maritime Hospital has the vision to see the value in everyone. Much of our work is about working alongside other organisations who also share our Vision. A vision of the world where every person is valued as an individual and where people with learning difficulties and autism are fully and equally involved in all areas of society (take a look at our Values). A world where everyone can be seen, be heard and belong. 



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