In 2022, Siobhan began working in a cafe at Medway Street Angels. Medway Street Angels is a charity that supports the local homeless community, as well as others in need, in the Medway area of Kent. 

When Siobhan started working in the cafe, she wanted to gain more experience and confidence within the workplace.  As one of our Preparation for Employment students, Siobhan's placement here was chosen to prepare her for the world of work, so she could use this experience to fully embrace her next step; her Supported Internship with bemix.

Preparation for Employment is a one-year programme that aims to build confidence and work related skills before starting a bemix Supported Employment placement. Supported Employment is about finding a placement that pays attention to the goals and aspirations of a young person looking to make the journey from education to employment. We work closely with young people in their placements to support and grow independence and employability skills. The aim of the programme is to find paid employment or an alternative work pathway at the end of the programme.

As Siobhan embarks on this final year at bemix, she is seeing her hard work at Medway Street Angels paying off.  She has recently been presented with 3 badges for Independence, Effort and Teamwork, thanks to her positive attitude and determination in her work placement.  Siobhan was really pleased to receive this recognition and couldn't wait to share her good news with her family!

Siobhan with her badges of achievement

We're excited to see Siobhan bring these attributes of Independence, Effort and Teamwork into her new, Supported Internship placement later this year and look forward to supporting Siobhan to build upon these skills as well as learn new ones in her Supported Internship work placement.

Siobhan really loves going to the cafe and often says how much she enjoys her work. “I like doing the tables and chairs, I like sorting the eggs, and sorting out the herbs and spices. I like working with Sue and Mel.”

"Siobhan is great. She does anything I ask her to do, she's a pleasure to work with, and is a member of the team". - Sue, Café Manager at Medway Street Angels.

Siobhan with Sue, Café Manager at Medway Street Angels


bemix Supported Internship programme is a mutually beneficial experience. Our interns are supported to grow their independence, confidence and employability skills - often experiencing life changing achievements. Our employers are provided a free job-matching service, supported by bemix from start to finish - enabling them to access, recruit and retain a largely untapped local workforce. A workforce that is loyal, dedicated and reliable.

At bemix we are people with and without learning difficulties and/or autism, working and learning together. As per our EPIC Values, we should ‘be seen, be heard and belong’ in our local community, including in workplaces. A good society needs our contribution as much as everyone else’s.  People with learning difficulties and/or autism do not always have the same opportunities to be fully involved in our society - especially in the world of work. We are working to change that. We are doing this through our Supported Employment, Preparation for Employment and Post-Internship employment programmes, working with employers who have the vision to see the value in everyone. Employers who often with values similar to our own (read more about our values and Wider Values), like Medway Street Angels.


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