Bemix Preparation for Employment and Supported Employment programmes prepare people with learning difficulties and/or autism for the world of work. Young people learn a range of skills, build confidence and grow independence. Skills that are used throughout their journey from education to employment, and beyond.

This summer, bemix Employment Specialists arranged activities for young people - a chance to have some fun and use skills they have learnt, outside the classroom or workplace!


Demonstrating skills and a change of scenery

First up was a murder mystery trail in the historic city of Rochester! Young people used a range of observational skills to spot clues on the trail. Geographical skills were useful for locating landmarks and following directions on a map. Functional Skills developed in Numeracy and English sessions helped with solving anagrams. 

The trail was also an opportunity for young people to develop new skills! People learnt the importance of teamwork by sharing ideas, respecting opinions and communicating with others in their team, to successfully complete the project. They learnt from mistakes made and found solutions together as a team.




By taking part in the trail, young people realised their own strengths in improvising, adapting to different environments, demonstrating good leadership and using initiative. A change of scenery was a great opportunity to demonstrate these skills!

“... The treasure trail was good because we had to work out the mystery and we learned about the area and the history of Rochester. We used our communication skills to solve the problem of what happened in the mystery. It was nice to be out of the classroom and having fun. We enjoyed socialising with each other and had ice cream and lunch in the castle  grounds.” - Carlie




Accomplishing goals and having fun

To finish the day, a game of ten pin bowling was in order - but the learning didn’t stop there! By setting individual targets and competing with others, young people learnt through doing, practised perseverance and felt a sense of accomplishment when achieving their goals. It was a chance to continue developing social skills by spending time with other young people and the bemix Supported Employment team. Having fun together was the perfect way to end the academic year! 

“I enjoyed the murder mystery trail around Rochester and enjoyed playing bowling, we all got very competitive which made it more enjoyable.” - Jake

“Playing bowling together was cool” - Michael




During Preparation for Employment and Supported Employment, young people are supported every step of the way. Our Employment Specialists work with each person to discover their skills and aspirations, set goals, choose what to learn and identify a career pathway. Supporting young people to apply the skills they have learnt is an important part of the work we do in our Employment Programmes. Skills that boost their employment prospects and prove valuable in future placements and jobs. Our aim is to help people find paid employment or an alternative work pathway toward doing something they enjoy. 


Do you dream of working in a job you love? 

Prepare for the world of work with bemix!

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