From the start of her time with bemix, it was clear that Sarah's goals, skillset and values aligned very closely with the needs of our organisation. Sarah’s journey has been an exciting one - and we are overjoyed to be part of it, in more ways than one!

Sarah was in our very first Preparation for Employment year, beginning in September 2021. As part of the programme, Sarah prepared for the world of work through enterprise activities, employer visits, learning functional skills and a work experience placement at Blair Park Care Home. In her role as Activities Coordinator, Sarah demonstrated admirable empathy, work ethic and enthusiasm. A terrific start to her journey in the working world!

After her pre-internship year in the Preparation for Employment programme, Sarah began her Supported Internship placement as a Project Supporter in our very own Music, Media and Risky Business groups at bemix! Sarah thrived in the role!

Sarah’s instinctive approach to her work was person-centred, building fantastic relationships with each group member, and even discovering a flair for the guitar along the way!

When an employment opportunity became available in bemix - we knew Sarah would be the perfect fit for the role, having made such a valuable contribution to our organisation during her internship.

We are now proud to welcome Sarah back to bemix as a co-worker as she begins her new paid role as Project Supporter in our Media group! As a valued workforce member, Sarah can also be relied upon to provide additional support, when other bemix group projects require cover. Working within bemix means that Sarah has started to explore other opportunities, taking part in self-advocacy projects.

“I look back 2 years ago and I think - that was not me! I was so hesitant to start bemix. If I didn't do my Preparation for Employment year I wouldn't have been able to learn how to provide person-centred support. I also had the opportunity to become much more assertive and I have been told that I am a natural born leader. I'm enjoying the cover work as it's very flexible and now I'm starting the advocacy work, I'm getting to work more days in the week. I've realised I actually like working and I like a busy work environment. I like earning money too and with my first paycheck I bought books, but I'm also learning about saving too.” - Sarah, bemix Project Supporter

“With Sarah co-supporting with me I have found that she listens to advice, is very good at calming a situation down, and she is very reliable.” - Tom Holton, bemix Project Lead

We believe everyone has qualities, abilities and potential. Taking time to understand us as individuals means we can be supported to achieve our goals and dreams. This belief is outlined in the Values we apply in our work, to achieve our Vision of a world where every single person is valued as an individual. We want to live in a world where people with learning difficulties and autism would be fully and equally involved in all areas of society. Our Vision and Values are at the heart of all we do - in our group projects, our Supported Employment programmes and within our workforce

Just like Sarah, young people are proving themselves as skillful, committed and valuable team members. Interns are contributing fresh ideas, boosting team morale and making meaningful contributions to employers and teams in Kent. Sarah has fulfilled an unmet need within our own organisation and we are overjoyed to be part of her journey, now as co-workers!

Congratulations, Sarah! 


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