In 2022, Rory completed a bemix Supported Internship with Co-op in their Greenhithe branch. Rory worked hard and had a positive experience during his placement. However, at the end of his placement, there were no paid roles available at the branch.

bemix Supported Employment programme supports people to go into the world of work and gain skills with the aim of paid employment. Whilst many interns go on to paid employment, some young people find that there are no paid opportunities available after their placement. 

bemix recently launched a Post-Internship Programme. The programme is about working with young people to continue their journey toward paid employment, after a bemix Supported Internship. Within the programme, a Employment and Support Advisor works together with the young person to find out what they are looking for next, what hours they would like to work and what locations. We support people to update CVs, job search and prepare for interviews. We can also offer support by attending interviews with the young person, as well as support them during their first shifts at a new role, where needed.

After his internship, Rory worked with bemix Employment and Support Advisor, Sophie Garnett, as part of our new Post-Internship Programme. Sophie works with young people who are so close to achieving their goal of paid employment, yet need a little more support to do so. So far, Sophie has supported three young people to achieve paid employment and is working alongside another ten with the hopes of achieving the same goal.

Rory in his new role at Co-op

Together, Rory and Sophie began looking at paid employment opportunities in his local area. At the same time, bemix were still in contact with Co-op regarding a possible opportunity for Rory at a different branch and an interview was arranged for Rory. After some interview preparation, Rory impressed his interviewers and accomplished his goal - he was offered the job there and then! 

Rory now works part-time for Co-op doing everything from early mornings to late nights, and is now trained in all aspects of the job, including the till and handling money!

"The support I received between the ending of my placement and employment included meeting up in person to search for job opportunities online from several sources and looking over ways to make myself more employable to the job I am looking for. The support was helpful and contributed greatly to me getting employed. I work on the shop floor, mostly serving customers or putting stock on the shelves. Most, if not all, of the customers are nice and the hours are good too."

"Rory is so willing to learn, always eager to help and has great customer service. He also gets on really well with the team.” - Tony, Co-op branch manager


Congratulations, Rory!


With the bemix Supported Employment programme, we take time to understand each intern as an individual - seeing the value in each quality, ability and passion (as outlined in our 'EPIC' Values). We match young people with an organisation and job and interns gain confidence, maturity and experience throughout their placements. Where paid employment is not achieved, our Post-Internship programme supports people to continue their journey toward finding paid work, using new-found confidence and experience to accomplish their goal (‘Progression’ is one of our Wider Values).

Organisations such as Co-op have the vision to see the value in everyone. The result  means employers gain skilled, loyal and willing staff, with qualities that match the needs of the business. 

We want to live in a world where every single person is valued as an individual (as per our Vision). In an ideal world, people with learning difficulties and autism would be fully and equally involved in all areas of society. With bemix, people can be seen, be heard and belong - this includes within workplaces.

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