We are proud to share the news that bemix leaders Steve Chapman (Co-Chair) and Matt Clifton (Chief Executive) are winners for the second year running of an Outstanding Reviewer award for their peer reviews of academic papers submitted to the Tizard Learning Disability Review. The Review is an “accessible, readable and challenging high-quality source of information and intelligence for those researching and working in the field of learning disabilities.”

Their distinctive approach to peer review brings the complementary perspectives of a leader with a learning difficulty and a Chief Executive. This means Steve and Matt are particularly alert to the use of language in academic papers that people with learning difficulties may find devaluing. They focus on making sure that academic research is grounded in what matters most to people with learning difficulties. Steve remarks: “The award shows that co-production really works.”

At bemix, co-production is at the heart of all we do. For us this means sharing the decision making with people who are often left out: people with a learning difficulty and/or autism. We try hard to co-produce as much of our work as possible. This can be seen in our projects, our campaigns and in the wider work we do, such as with Peer reviews. 

bemix leaders Matt Clifton (Chief Executive) and Steve Chapman (Co-Chair)

Steve and Matt have also published their own work in the Review:

Peer Advocacy and Citizen Advocacy side by side

My Freedom, marking the 10th anniversary of Winterbourne View. This in-depth read was co-authored by Steve, Michael and Sammy from the bemix Self-Advocacy Leadership Team, supported by Matt Clifton and Charlie Clay. It was published in Tizard Learning Disability Review, Volume 25, Issue 3.

In 2013, Steve co-authored the Review’s first co-produced commentary: Supporting Independence, alongside self-advocates Peter Bland, Max Bowerman and Babatunde Adeshokan, working alongside Skillnet Group co-founder Jo Kidd.

Peer reviewing is one of many ways that bemix works to impact and influence the society we live in. One of our bemix Wider Values is ‘Collaboration’. For bemix, collaboration is about working closely with people and organisations so that we can have a positive impact on the world and be part of something bigger. We build partnerships and share resources with organisations whose values are like ours. We work together as people with and without learning difficulties and/or autism.

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