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Amplified (music industry skills)

We work in a music studio. We take bookings and look after the equipment. We help organise gigs and make sure other people know about them. We learn about the music industry. We have fun! Read more

Be Seen, Be Heard (awareness raising in schools)

We talk about things that have happened to us. We show young people what people with learning difficulties are really like. We talk to them about how we want to be treated. We have fun! Read more

Discovery Catering (cooking)

We plan meals. We prepare and cook food together. We learn about washing and drying up properly. We make food for events in the community. The kitchen is a happy place! We eat together and have fun. Read more

Eco Shed (woodwork)

We design and make objects from wood. We make lots of things that are good for wildlife. We sell the things we make and spend the money on Eco Shed. We have fun! Read more

Life Choices (one-to-one support)

One-to-one support for people with Autism Spectrum Conditions/Learning Difficulties. A coach will work with you to find out what your goals are. They will support you to do the things you want. Read more

Lily's Social Kitchen - Supported Work Experience

We serve customers. We help cook meals and make drinks. We learn about food hygiene. We work as a team. We have fun and meet new people! Read more


We learn about different types of media. Media means things like film-making, photography and website design. We can choose what we want to learn about. We work in small teams and make friends. Read more


We learn about making music. We play instruments. We write songs and perform them. We have fun together and feel good! Read more

Risky Business (drama and performing arts)

We share ideas and work on them together. We write scripts and perform. We don’t all have to learn lines. We can sing, dance and be on stage. We build confidence. We support each other. Read more

Supported Internships (getting a job)

Speak with a work coach to find a job and workplace in Swale or Medway that suits you. Learn while you work. Grow your confidence and get support to get a paid job at the end of a work placement. Read more

Tomorrow's Leaders (leadership skills)

We are developing a new course for people with learning difficulties to train as leaders. It is about speaking up to make life better for other people. Read more