Grace and Saffie, members of bemix Engagement and Outreach team, have been out again spreading the word about bemix Supported Employment Programmes - this time to Pierview Academy in Gravesend. Joining Grace and Saffie, previous intern Oscar has been sharing his bemix Supported Employment journey of how he went from Supported Internship to paid employment! (Read about the start of Oscar’s Supported Employment journey - Take a look at ‘Being Seen Brewing Up A Storm’)

During our visits to local schools and colleges, we share information all about the employment programmes we offer at bemix. Our talks are important in helping young people to start thinking about their future. Maybe getting a job is not something they have considered yet. Perhaps they have considered a job but are unaware of support available, like that provided by our Supported Employment programme. These talks give young people information about the different options available to them when beginning to map out their future. It is important for us to connect with providers, such as schools and colleges, so that our programmes and message continue to be shared within, and beyond, these settings.

"An open, honest, realistic and engaging presentation" - Nicky, teacher at Pierview Academy

Many of the young people we talk with want to move on from education into employment, but don't know where to start. Our Supported Employment programmes are designed to help with this transition by building a young person’s confidence and preparing them for the world of work. We join our interns within their work placement to provide support and grow independence and employability skills. Our Supported Employment programmes work best for young people who learn best when doing. We help young people to find placements that suit them, paying attention to their goals and aspirations.

Grace, Saffie and Oscar on the way to talk to students at Pierview Academy

At bemix we are people with and without learning difficulties and/or autism, working and learning together. As per our EPIC Values, ‘We should be seen, be heard and belong in our local community, including workplaces. A good society needs our contribution as much as everyone else’s.’ Our Supported Employment and Preparation for Employment programmes support young people to find opportunities and become fully involved in the world of work.

If this sounds like something that you or someone you know would be interested in, please get in touch by email [email protected] or by phone 01227 374285. 

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