Risky Business Supporter and Discovery Catering member, Sam Barnard, hosted bemix's first "Not in the Pub" quiz last month on Zoom. 

Sam was fully prepared with some tricky questions that would even challenge The Governess from The Chase (except the question "who had a hit with Doctoring the Tardis"?  That was too easy - it was The Timelords).

As the Quiz Controller, Sam fired off his rapid questions to the 9 contestants.  He mixed in questions on music, film, TV and sport. Health and Safety and Be Seen, Be Heard Lead, Lis Clayson was the overall victor, just beating Sportsnet Supporter and Self Advocate, Michael Lillis, in a crucial tie break question.  Amplified Lead, Neil Price, said "I took part to keep the old grey matter ticking over! It’s always fun to meet up socially and it was truly fun and relaxed." 

"It was both entertaining and educational. The pandemic has had serious impact upon people's emotional well-being and the opportunity to connect with people on a social level was great. Thanks for arranging this Sam - I look forward to the next one" - Steve Perry, Director of Arts and Education

"I enjoyed the quiz. It was fun and it was nice to see some of my friends there so I can do more quizzes like that another time" - Sam