bemix were recently invited to take part in No Labels No Walls - We Are One! an international digital festival celebrating and promoting diversity. The festival included people from all around the world connecting through art, culture, discussions and action.

bemix contributed the song and video "Isolation Maybe" which had been written and recorded remotely during the lockdown and also released as a single. The video was streamed on the No Labels No Walls website and this was followed by a zoom discussion hosted by Poppy Collie, Sam Barnard, Gerard Norton and Steve Perry. The discussion was attended by people from USA, Finland and Scotland. People also viewed the discussion on the website.

"It was fun talking to people from all over the world, talking about what we do in bemix and talking about the video and song  Isolation Maybe. It was a fantastic night talking to people from different areas". - Poppy Collie

As well as talking about bemix and the work we do, the discussion also covered a range of other topics. We talked about how the song and video were made, the bemix ethos of co-production and the challenges to people's mental and emotional wellbeing as a result of the pandemic. 

No Labels No Walls are now organising a series of online events called "Action Mondays". bemix have been invited to host one of these events, taking place on Monday 2nd November. 

We hope that this will lead to future partnership work with people and organisations from all over the world. 

You can find out more about No Labels No Walls and watch contributions to the festival on their facebook page  and website.

 "It was a great opportunity to connect with people from different parts of the world. I feel that we have made some friends and it would be good to see how we can develop some future partnership work." - Steve Perry