At bemix, people have the opportunity to develop a range of skills by joining one of our groups or projects. Skills such as those in music, media, catering, woodwork - to name a few.

Recently, as part of our 'A Nightmare Before Christmas' music workshop, our music group got together over a Zoom to write a song collaboratively! Before closing for the November national lockdown, we captured the vocal recordings of group members. Once in lockdown, we were then able to work on the rest of the song remotely. Meeting over Zoom during the Coronavirus pandemic has enabled people at bemix to stay creative and connected, even when we cannot see each other in-person.

“When I listen to the song, I picture lots of skeletons walking around playing their instruments. The song is very wacky!” - Louis

Group member, Nigel, came up with an idea to write a song about a nightmare before Christmas - a Christmas song in style but with a Halloween-esque twist! Small sections of the song also took inspiration from the classic, ‘ A Christmas Carol’. We created the song so that it seemed to start as a peaceful dream, before descending into a nightmare! Together, we collaborated in writing the music and the lyrics of the song, as well as designing the artwork.

The song has now been released and is available to listen to on Soundcloud! Click below to listen!

“It is really good. I like the story.” - Sean

Have you heard "Isolation Maybe"? This is another song we have created as a group, over Zoom during lockdown! You can hear the song and read all about it, here.