As we end National Apprentice Week on International Women's Day, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to celebrate one of the wonderful women in our workforce.  We interviewed our Apprentice Business Administrator, Molly, and her line manager, Education & Communications Administrator, Sylvie.

Hi Molly, could you tell us how you got your apprenticeship with bemix?

Molly - I was doing the Supported Internships course with bemix. Ali, who was my work coach under the Supported Internship programme, knew that I enjoyed admin and supporting others.  She also knew that I was very organised because I had helped her with things in the past. Ali and Helena thought I was really good at this so they created a new role for me as Apprentice Business Administrator. I had a brief interview with Sylvie, who is now my Line Manager, and a lovely meeting with Ali where she told me I'd got the job.

What does being an Apprentice Business Administrator include? 

Molly - I support students 1 day per week during their Functional Skills sessions. I share my past experiences with the students. I do lots of paperwork for the Supported Internships team and manage the students' folders. I make sure our students have up to date copies of their My Goals to support them growing in their work placements.
Sylvie - Molly's contributions to the team are so valued, it is so helpful having her and she makes a great difference. Her admin work helps us to get lots done and stay on top of all sorts of paperwork. For our students, seeing Molly excelling in her role is a great example. She is the most organised person I know which is very helpful.

What has been the biggest challenge?

Molly - The college side of my apprenticeship has been quite difficult. The questions are sometimes worded in ways I don't understand. bemix has supported me in this and I'm doing really well in my course and have nearly finished.
Sylvie - Molly's coursework questions sometimes confuse me as they do her as they can be quite technical! If Molly is not sure, we look at them together and both learn as we go!

And what has been your biggest achievement?

Molly - After finding maths really difficult at school, I had to do a maths exam as part of my course. It was a massive achievement for me when I passed and everyone was so proud. Also, I've been learning how to do new things which can sometimes be difficult but I'm growing in confidence.

What are your plans for after the apprenticeship?

Molly - To stay here at bemix and keep supporting the students and doing admin - I love my job!
Sylvie - Molly has nearly completed her apprenticeship and I'm so excited to see her take on a non-apprentice role, continue to be an amazing member of our team and take new challenges and responsibilities in her stride, following her career dreams. For future apprenticeships, I hope that we continue to see young people who are dedicated and inspirational come and join our team, just like Molly has.
"Molly is a really great person to work alongside. She creates a lovely atmosphere and people feel welcomed when they are with her - it's inspired me to try and be more like her! Molly is also really brave in the way she takes on new challenges even if she is unsure about them and I think she sets a great example." - Sylvie, Education and Communications Administrator