Recently, we celebrated a nomination for an award at the Kent Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards for our Peer Support Groups project. Later, we were delighted to find out that we had won not one, but two awards! bemix won the Peer Mentor Award (business) and Overall Peer Mentor Champion. All involved were overjoyed. You can read our recent Good News Story, here.

It got even better - after the awards, bemix Project Lead (Being Seen, Being Heard project and bemix Health and Safety), Lis Clayson, received notification that she had been awarded Highly Commended status by the judging panel of the Kent Mental Health and Wellbeing Awards. The panel were impressed at the quality and commitment shown by Lis, recognised by the commendation. 

Over the years, Lis has provided mental health and wellbeing support to many people at bemix, in her role as a group supporter. When the opportunity arose to make a nomination for an award, members of ‘Be Seen Be Heard’ had someone important in mind. Be Seen Be Heard is a bemix group that aims to create awareness about autism and learning difficulties, by going into schools to talk about how people with autism and learning difficulties want to be treated. We work together to create presentations and think of creative activities to get the children at the schools to join in with us and get to know us.

Be Seen Be Heard with Project Lead, Lis

Members of Be Seen Be Heard explained how Lis had always been there for them and how they were keen for her efforts to be recognized. 

Simon said "Lis is a very good person to work with"

Honor said "Lis is a wonderful person with a wonderful personality"

Sammy said "Lis is just amazing"

Sam said "She is always there when I need to speak to someone about mental health"

Sarah said "Lis is my friend as well as a colleague. She deserves this award.”

Lis said "I'm really moved by the nomination and the award. Working during the Coronavirus outbreak has been so hard for everyone and it is so wonderful to know that I am making a difference."

Congratulations, Lis!

People with learning difficulties and/or autism face higher than average rates of mental ill health and as a result, supporting people's wellbeing is an important element of the work we do, both on a societal level, and within bemix as an organisation. Work such as our Peer Support groups, support through roles such as group supporters and our Inclusive Counselling. Protecting people’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is essential, as is outlined in our bemix Wider Values.

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