Georgina started her bemix Supported Employment placement in autumn 2021, at Co-op Riverside in Rochester. bemix Supported Employment programme works work with interns within their work placement to support and grow independence and employability skills. We support people to find a placement that suits them, paying attention to goals and aspirations. One of Georgina’s goals is to become more independent - both in person, and within a workplace - she is already working hard towards that goal.

Since beginning her internship, Georgina has shown commitment in learning and understanding the organisation's procedures, structures and methods. She has shown great enthusiasm in carrying out tasks given each day, looking to adapt to new challenges in ways that she can understand best. Georgina has become an invaluable team member during busy periods or large deliveries.

Georgina at work at the Co-op

“I've learnt about shelf stocking, expiration dates, and other important parts of the Co-op. I've learnt to work through large deliveries, and keeping busy with different varieties of orders. I hope this has been a good experience for any potential jobs in the future. It's been good working at the Co-op, and I've liked meeting the staff who are all very nice. I've been able to recognise several colleagues, and look forward to seeing them each day.” - Georgina

Georgina’s colleagues have remarked that her confidence has grown and that she appears more comfortable in opening up to team members. They have been impressed by her dedication and have noted how she applies what she has learnt to different situations, showing initiative in deciding what work must be completed first.

“Georgina is a fast Learner, and when she comes in she cracks on with her tasks. She's a good little worker, hard working, and very nice and sweet.” - Chloe, Store Manager at Co-op Riverside

“She's really amazing, she works very hard, and does her tasks to the same high standards as the staff here. She gets things done really quickly, and  is very good at following instructions. She's also very friendly with customers, and knows how to lead them to us whenever needed.”

At bemix, one of our EPIC Values is ‘Involved’ and it states that, ‘We should be seen, be heard and belong in our local community, including workplaces. A good society needs our contribution as much as everyone else’s.’ bemix are proud to work with Supported Employment partners such as Co-op - employers who have the vision to see the value in everyone and create workplaces that are inclusive, supportive and that ‘celebrate each other’s differences’. Read Robbie’s Co-op story about his journey from Supported Employment to a paid job at Co-op Parkside in medway.

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