Since day one, Robbie has showcased an impressive work ethic in his role at the Co-op, in Rainham. He uses his initiative with ease and maintains a fast working pace to get the job done. A fast learner, and keen to learn, he picks up working methods quickly. Not only that, he feels at ease to support customers and colleagues alike, which has gained him a reputation as being someone who cares and is very helpful. It is because of these qualities that within months of starting as an intern, Robbie was hired as a paid employee. He has not let his difficulties hold him back - lip reading to the best of his ability and developing his speaking skills - he is now better able to converse with those around him; something he has developed really quickly in his customer facing role.

Robbie, outside of his workplace, the Co-op in Rainham

Brendan, Robbie's manager has nothing but good things to say about him, and is looking forward to supporting him going forward as an independent customer team member.  

“Engaging with the Supported Internship Programme with bemix was a sound business decision, which is entirely in line with our inclusive ethics here at the Co-op. I strongly believe that everybody deserves a chance to prove their value and without engaging with the programme, we would never have found Robbie!  After a short period of time, Robbie has been supported by his bemix Work Coach and my staff to become one of the team. He has settled into the role and contributed so well, that I am pleased to say that we have offered him a job already. I would highly recommend the bemix Supported Internship programme to any business." Brendan Nichols, Manager - Co-op, Rainham, Parkwood

‘Whatever you believe, you can achieve' - Robbie showed us this quote by someone he follows on social media. He also said that he was happy and over excited to be offered a paid position.

Robbie’s colleague and team-leader, Dawn, said: "Robbie has settled into the job really well. He is a strong worker and is getting stuck in. His confidence has grown so much that he has taken a second job with Deliveroo, too."

‘Whatever you believe, you can achieve'

“Robbie was part of the 20-21 Supported Internship cohort and was granted an extension to stay on the programme by the Local Authority until March 2022.  Robbie has always been super focused, very hard working and a go-getter.  It's no surprise that he has secured a job within a month of starting his placement and leaving the programme earlier than the date set by the Local Authority. Well done Robbie!” - Nipa, Senior Work Coach at bemix

Congratulations, Robbie!

With bemix Supported Internships, our free job-matching service helps employers recruit and retain people with learning difficulties and/or Autism. Our Supported Internship team take time to understand each intern as an individual - seeing the value in each quality, ability and passion (as defined by our 'EPIC' Values) - and matching them with an organisation and job.  A successful match means that, interns gain confidence, maturity and experience throughout their placements. Businesses that also have the vision to see the value in everyone often gain loyal and willing staff, with qualities that match the business need they are filling within their placement.  

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