About the competition

As part of our rebrand, we have launched this beautiful new website.  We want to celebrate it with you! Just to make that even more exciting, we have decided to give away 4 prizes to 4 lucky people just for exploring the website!

Scroll down to the 'How to enter' section. There is a list of 10 things to find on the website and questions to answer to prove you have found them.

This is also a great chance to give your feedback on the new site.  As the website is brand new, we want to make sure it all works properly. We also want to find out if there is anything else you want to see on the site.  


  • x2 hours studio time at West Track Studios, Canterbury
  • Your choice of any handmade item in the Eco Shed shop
  • A song written just for you by our Music group, and performed and dedicated to you on social media!
  • Lunch for 4 at one of Discovery Catering's pop-up cafes at Westgate Hall OR a homemade, vegan cake to serve 8 people.

How to enter

Have a look around the bemix website to find the answers to these 10 questions:

  1. What is the name of our one-to-one / individual support project?
  2. Who thinks that "it's a laugh" in the Media Group?
  3. Which member of the team is banned from dancing in public?
  4. What is the date of the October Discovery Catering Pop-Up Café?
  5. Name three ways that you can support our work.
  6. If you are near Dover, what support opportunities can you find near you?
  7. What is coproduction?
  8. We have 4 EPIC values - what are they?  (*hint*  Fill in the blanks.  We are E........  P......... I......... C........)
  9. Some of our members have been helping improve access to Kent's green spaces.  Which two green spaces have we been helping improve access to over the past couple of years?
  10. How much money do we want to raise so we can have more influence?

If you want to do the competition now, you can add your answers straight into the competition entry form which opens in a new window (click on the button below).

If you want to come back to the questions or do the treasure hunt over a few days, make a note of the answers to the questions as you cannot save the competition entry form and come back to it. You can click here to download a handy answer sheet to record your answers as you go along, or use good old fashioned pen and paper!  

When you have found all of the items - or as many as you can - fill in the competition entry form by clicking the link below.  


When does the competition close?

The competition closes at 10am on Wednesday 18th July.  Winners will be announced by 9pm on Wednesday 18th July.

How a winner is chosen

The four entries with the highest number of correct answers will win. With the person with the highest number of correct answers having first choice of the prizes and so on.

If there are more than four entries with all 10 correct answers, the winners will be drawn at random and offered their choice of prize in order of being drawn.

Terms and Conditions

Prize terms 

Studio time at West Track Studios - Choose from the use of the BIG room or small room. Subject to availability.  Session to be arranged with the studio manager.

Your choice of any handmade item in the Eco Shed shop - Up to a maximum of £40. Subject to availability. Prize to be collected from the Eco Shed, or winner to arrange delivery with the Eco Shed Project Lead. Winner pays delivery costs.

A song written just for you - our Music group will contact you to find out what you would like the song to be about.  You can pick a topic or give them some information about yourself and they will write the song about you! The group will then work on writing the song over a few weeks and will record the song to send to you. The song will be sent to you by email and shared on our social media pages (unless you don't want it shared).

Lunch OR cake from Discovery Catering - Choose from lunch for 4 at one of Discovery Catering's pop-up cafes at Westgate Hall (awarded as a voucher) OR a homemade, vegan cake to serve 8 people. 

All prizes must be claimed and redeemed within 6 months of the competition closing.