Will has been part of the Dover Being Seen, Being Heard group for a few years. The group works together to develop and deliver presentations for schools around learning disability awareness and inclusion. 

When he joined, Will wouldn’t speak to anyone and was very quiet. His confidence has gradually grown during his time with the group, and now he takes part in presenting to schools. As further progression of Will's goal to become more confident, he wanted to overcome his fear of heights.

"When I was 7 years old my uncle, who was a paramedic, offered to take me for a ride in his helicopter. I was too frightened to go" - Will

In May 2018, the group decided to visit Kew Gardens in London as a great photo opportunity for the project. At the gardens, towering 18 metres above the ground, the Treetop Walkway is a chance to get closer to Kew’s trees. From the walkway you can observe the complex ecosystem of the trees' uppermost branches; a world teeming with birds and insects, lichen and fungi.

Will wanted to go around the walk and with the support of the group he made it round. We are visiting Kew Gardens again this week, and Will is looking forward to walking around the treetops again.

"I am so proud to have conquered my fears. I have been frightened of heights for so long. Since then I have been to Wildwood and crossed their rope bridge. It’s fantastic what I can do with the support of the people at bemix." - Will