Work Coach

What do you love about working with bemix?

The way bemix strives to live up its ideals in supporting people to live their best lives. The mutually supportive way of working is unlike any company I have previously worked for. Seeing the young people in Supported Employment grow in confidence throughout their time with bemix. My colleagues are all wonderful people!

How long have you been involved with bemix?

Since February 2019.

What is your role in bemix?

I am a Work Coach working with Supported Employment. Previously, I provided cover for Ecoshed and other adult groups.

What did you do before you joined bemix?

I have had a varied career, always working with people, including customer service, a library, publishing, coding medical data, and sales. I have also done voluntary work with children and adults.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?

Spending time with family and friends, enjoying walking in the countryside with my dog and exploring local wildlife, having a variety of creative hobbies, watching films and TV.