Lily's Social Kitchen - Supported Work Experience

We serve customers. We help cook meals and make drinks. We learn about food hygiene. We work as a team. We have fun and meet new people!Read more

Group support

Our projects and support aim to provide a stepping stone towards greater independence for people with learning difficulties and/or autism.Read more


As part of our groups and projects, you can do a course and get a qualification.Read more

Supported Internships (getting a job)

Speak with a work coach to find a job and workplace that suits you. Learn while you work. Grow your confidence and get support to get a paid job at the end of a work placement.Read more

Life Choices (one-to-one support)

One-to-one support for people with Autism Spectrum Conditions/Learning Difficulties. A coach will work with you to find out what your goals are. They will support you to do the things you want.Read more