We believe you should be seen, be heard and belong. However, people with learning difficulties and/or autism do not always have the same opportunities to be fully involved in our society. At bemix we want to change that with the work we do. Life Choices is one part of that work. With Life Choices one-to-one coaching, people are supported to:

  • Access and participate in society
  • Increase confidence
  • Increase independence
  • Develop life skills
  • Plan and achieve life goals

With Life Choices, people can be seen, be heard and belong. 

Recently, we spoke with Tom. Tom explains what Life Choices means to him and all he has accomplished during his Life Choices journey so far.

Over to you, Tom…

“I have had access to Life Choices since August 2021 with Miranda and Neil. I split my time with them on different days in the week which allows me to focus on different interests.

Fridays with Neil give me a good opportunity to discuss my plans for radio presenting and ideas for a band we are working on called The Dystopian Engineers. We also work on a radio podcast together, called The Metal Head Report. We check out old and new music in HMV and have enjoyed trying out old and new cafes, restaurants and street food in Canterbury. I have a keen interest in food and cooking. We often have a good walk around Canterbury Town and parks for exercise and to unwind. I enjoyed seeing No Time to Die with Neil at the Curzon cinema in Canterbury. He has also supported me to be independent, getting my haircut for example.

Tom exploring towns in Kent towns and artwork spotted during visits!

On Mondays myself and Miranda mix things up by exploring different towns in Kent. Coastal walks in Hernebay and Whitstable. We had a historical trip to Reculver Towers and saw where the Roman Fort would have been. Again I get the opportunity to try out new and favourite cafes. We go to Faversham for walks in the park and town and took a trip to Westgate On Sea to the cinema to see Jungle Cruise and have a change of scenery. We also watched The Courier at the Curzon which was a brilliant movie based on a true story. 

I also take care of my grocery shopping on a Monday with Miranda to keep myself and Dad fed. This opportunity has really improved my menu planning and budgeting skills for self sufficiency and independence, preparing me for living on my own in the future. We sometimes take this opportunity to shop for Discovery Catering [bemix cookery group and social enterprise] .

Artwork spotted in Kent towns by Tom and Miranda

During our walking and talking times we started to notice artwork here and there. Some was quite thought provoking and some comical or satirical. I have an interest in all art so it seemed an opportunity to take notice of the art around us in everyday life. 

We have been taking photos of the street art we have been noticing around Hernebay, Whitstable and Faversham. Some of it is easily missed. Some can be found in obscure places, down alleyways and behind beach huts and others are there in common place for all to see.

Life Choices have certainly helped me out after the loss of my Mum and the isolation of Covid.”

Thank you for sharing your journey so far, Tom!

Tom's Life Choices Work Coach, Miranda, said: "It's been a real pleasure working with Tom and getting back out there after lockdown and difficult times. He is always enthusiastic to visit new places and try new experiences. It been great to see his confidence and self belief grow. I enjoy being involved with Life Choices. Working one to one allows so much more freedom for people to choose how and where they spend their time. As the bemix moto says - it's good to be seen, be heard and belong."

As per our EPIC Values, we believe that we all have qualities, abilities and potential. Taking time to understand us as individuals means we can be supported to achieve our goals and dreams. ‘Progression’ is one of our Wider Values - it means that at bemix people to work towards and achieve their goals and develop their skills and interests. With Life Choices coaching, people are supported to achieve goals such as: living independently, using public transport, in education, finding work, dealing with relationships and with social activities. 

If you would like more information about Life Choices, visit our ‘How Life Choices Works’ page or contact ​​contact Aramide: [email protected]  07419 333 053

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