The summer holidays are nearly over and our Supported Internships team are getting ready to begin a new academic year.  We reflect on the past year and look forward to welcoming 22 new students to the programme, all who are keen to find paid work.

At the end of the year, our students thanked their employers for the placement and support enabling them to move into or towards their goal of paid work. Not only have our employers gone above and beyond in many cases for our students, but they have openly expressed that they have gained more than just a new member of the team.

“It’s a great feeling being able to help someone to gain the experience and find full time work. He’s given us more than we gave him over the Supported Internship.  The programme has worked for both Sam and the business.  We would definitely do it again.” - Mel, Sheet Metal Solutions, Northfleet


Pictured above: Sam with his Manager, Mel, at Sheet Metal Solutions 

Below are pictures of our employers and students at the end of their placement.  In order from top left:  

Brendon Jackson and manager Alan Ross - Allhallows Haven

Lauren Foster and her manager Sam Farrow & team - Abbey Playgroup Minster

Felix Martin and manager Ivan Halloway - AMEY Faversham

Stephen Martin and manager Pauline Smith - Tesco, Whitstable 

Monty Vick with line manager Michelle and owner Ed Gransden - Sun Pier House Chatham

Connor Simmons with manager Chris, Donna, Toby and Paul - Cycle Hub, Chatham

Rosie Paterson and Phil - RWH Haulage 

Chay Watts unit manager - Asda Cafe, Sittingbourne 


Feedback from Employers

We spoke to the past year's employers to find out how it went. Here's what they said:

  • “Sam worked as well, or better than other employees of his age that we’ve employed in the past. He was reliable and turned up in all weathers.” - Mel, Sheet Metal Solutions, Northfleet

  • “The help and support we have had from the bemix support team throughout the year has been invaluable.  We’ve learnt a lot from them as a business in how we work.” - Mel, Sheet Metal Solutions, Northfleet

  • “It’s not always easy, but with the dedicated support from the bemix team, as well as Sam’s hard work, it’s definitely been worth it as a business and to see how far he’s come throughout the internship.” - Mel, Sheet Metal Solutions, Northfleet

  • "A really good experience for a business on how to take on new people and work with different types of people.  It's absolutely brilliant!" - Rosie, RWH Haulage, Sheerness

  • "When you know you have a work coach and the rest of the team to contact if you do need any support, it makes it so much easier" - Rosie, RWH Haulage, Sheerness

  • "Steph has exceeded expectations and it seems likes she has always been here! It’s exciting that she has finally started after months of planning and we are glad to have her on our team. She is really enthusiastic, hardworking and motivated" - Zoe, Lily’s Bistro, Canterbury

Our team works hard to find appropriate work placements for each student. Taking time to get to know each employer as well as exploring students' aspirations and skills.  This ensures that the placement is sustainable and the employers and students get as much out of the placement as possible.

So far, we have approximately 14 employers keen to provide placements. We continue to build our employer partnerships and are working on securing at least 22 placements so that each student has an opportunity for gaining real life work experience and training.  If you run a business and are interested in finding out how Supported Internships can work for you, contact the team using the link below.

Supported Internships for Employers

    "My Journey with bemix" - artwork by Monty Vick