The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown has had a big impact on our Supported Internships programme.  Work placements are an important part of the programme and all have ended due to social distancing measures, and working from home is a challenge for many people in the project.  However, not to be defeated, we are working hard to make the most of the opportunities that lockdown has provided.
"I am feeling much less worried than I was at the start of all this, I know that it will be OK now... My workload is just right, the pace is steady and I feel comfortable with it."
Teachers and Work Coaches are working alongside people to continue working towards their goals and are in contact through out the week.  We have been working together to find ways to gather online to continue developing our functional skills and interests.  We have formed groups including Arts and Crafts - starting with an art recycling project, Film and Music - to share recommendations, reviews and opinions, Cooking on a Budget - in partnership with Discovery Catering, Exercise and Well-being - exploring different ways to maintain a healthy and happy mind.  Supporting one another to look after our mental health has a been a big focus of our work together.
We have also been connecting with our group based projects, joining their sessions and inviting them to join ours.  This is a great chance for us to connect with people and projects across bemix that we would not usually get to meet. 
"I'm fine with the lockdown.  I'm finding working from home weird but I'm getting used to it.  I'm working on two projects about Chelsea Football Club and about British Bangladeshi identity and I am enjoying the research side of it."  - Sunny Malik 
Supported Internships member, Abbie, tells us about how she is coping in lockdown.

"I find the lock down boring, but I've been keeping busy by doing lots of colouring, painting and drawing.  I like working on projects, such as my guinea pig and fitness project. I am feeling very annoyed with being indoors all the time and just want to be out spending time with my friends.  I want to go and see my Nan and stay at my Grandad's again which I haven’t been able to do for a while. My Mum and I have been going out on daily walks.

bemix is going well. I found it stressful sharing my laptop with my brother as I couldn't do my work, so I have borrowed a bemix laptop which makes things much easier"