Sarah is currently taking part in the bemix pre-internship year-long programme, Preparation For Employment. As part of the programme, Sarah is preparing for the world of work through enterprise activities, employer visits, learning functional skills and also, a work experience placement at Blair Park Care Home. But Sarah isn’t the only person from bemix to be gaining experience and learning new skills at Blair Park! Shortly after Sarah began her placement, Dannii soon joined her. Dannii is a current intern on bemix Supported Employment programme - Blair Park are her employers. Blair Park provides residential care, dementia care and respite care for the elderly. 

As part of Sarah's work experience placement, she works alongside the Activity Co-ordinator two days a week, engaging in any set tasks. Sarah has taken the time and learned to be patient in getting to know the residents individually, understanding the best way to interact with each person - from having a chat, playing bingo or through dancing (which Sarah is very good at!).

Throughout her placement, Sarah’s confidence has grown and the residents’ fondness of her has also grown - many especially enjoy her cuddles! Sarah has decided that in her second year with bemix that she would like a placement in caring for others - based on what we have seen so far, we are confident she will be great at this!

"I love working here, seeing the residents every week, the activities and having a chat. I have learnt how to be more lenient and patient. I'm looking forward to next year working in a caring environment role. I have been made to feel very welcome at Blair Park."  Sarah

From the start of her work placement, Dannii has also demonstrated a keenness to learn and strong work ethic. Taking on new tasks and being helpful in all areas of work at the home - from teaming up with Sarah on Friday's, shadowing staff with care duties, and helping residents during lunchtimes. Dannii has become a valued member of the team. She is enthusiastic and energetic which is exactly what is needed in a busy home! Residents love her energy and have commented on what a great addition she is!

Sarah and Dannii at work at Blair Park

Dannii has been proactive in her own progression - asking to take on an extra day of work per week, demonstrating once more, an eagerness to learn and confidence in her role. She has recently completed an online Caring Certificate, and is on route to hopefully starting an apprenticeship, where she will be able to continue to learn whilst being paid at the same time.

“I feel part of a team now and not just some random person who pops in… I like helping all the residents and making sure they're ok… I feel like a valued member of the team... My confidence has grown. I look forward to being around the residents. I feel it has helped me cope with my ADHD as I'm always on the go which I love. I like helping the carers and enjoyed the online training which I have now finished." - Dannii

"My confidence has grown. I look forward to being around the residents. I feel it has helped me cope with my ADHD as I'm always on the go which I love." Dannii

Both Sarah and Dannii, have shown confidence and maturity, and have taken responsibility for their own lives. Excellent with residents at the home, excelling in their own duties whilst also teaming up to work together - supporting residents as well as one another. The Supported Employment team has seen outstanding progress and terrific achievements from both Sarah and Dannii - we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Keep up the great work, girls! 

At bemix, one of our core values (our EPIC Values) is that ‘we are people’ - we have qualities, abilities and potential. Taking time to understand us as individuals means we can be supported to achieve our goals and dreams. As with Sarah, Dannii and every person in our employment programmes (Preparation For Employment and Supported Employment/Internships), people are supported to flourish and thrive. This is achieved by taking the time to understand each individual - paying attention to their skills, goals and aspirations. This is a mutually beneficial relationship between interns, and employers - organisations with the vision to see the value in everyone, like Blair Park. Employers often find that a previously unmet business need is fulfilled within the organisation - with interns who are reliable, hard working, loyal and committed.

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