As the third national Lockdown began, the Eco Shed, our social business and woodwork group, set a group project to keep people at bemix motivated and creative. The aim of the project was to highlight the growing concern about pollution in our oceans. 

Part one of the project involved asking participants to produce a picture or 3D model of a sea creature - made completely out of rubbish from their household bin! 

Individual artworks by people at bemix

Once the creations were completed, each participant was asked to photograph their work. Each artwork photograph was then uploaded and added to the final, collaborative, digital document; part two of the project - an ocean scene full of beautiful underwater creatures! 

'Rubbish In Our Oceans' - the final creation!

The project was open to all people at bemix, as well as their families or households. This has been a great way for people to stay connected to each other when faced with not being able to meet up. It is important that people can still be seen, be heard and belong - as per bemix organisational culture and values - even in lockdown. We also found inspiration from another of our projects! The Supported Internships team kindly provided photographs of some sea creatures at Stone’s Aquatics, a bemix Supported Internship employer. We used the photographs to help with ideas for the types of sea creatures we might create.

At bemix, our groups and projects help people to gain skills and confidence. These projects give people the opportunity to explore topics they are passionate about and take part in the conversation on important global issues, such as that about the pollution in our oceans. By sharing our work and experience, and by being involved in important topics, we connect with the wider community and can be seen, be heard and belong. 

Are you passionate about global issues such as the 'rubbish in our oceans'? You might like to hear Leila's radio show 'Plastic in our oceans - Leila's campaign'

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