When job-matching interns to a Supported Employment work placement, we strive to let a young person's passion(s) lead the way. We take time to understand each other as individuals so that people can be supported to achieve their goals and dreams - seeing the value in each quality, ability and passion (as defined by our 'EPIC' Values). When it comes to passion leading the way - this has most certainly been the case with Matthew. He had one very specific request for us - to find him a placement in an Escape Room!

Matthew has visited over 55 escape rooms to date and has travelled the country in doing so, writing reviews along the way. However, finding such a niche placement, especially with the entertainment industry in lockdown for much of the last year, was no easy task!

Thankfully, a placement was found at One Pound Lane in their amazing Escape the Towers facility. Before starting his placement, Matthew got to test out one of the Escape Rooms - The Comms Room - with some of the bemix team. The challenge was to save Canterbury from World War 2 bomber planes! Matthew and the bemix team completed the challenge in a respectable time of 1 hour and 7 minutes!

Matthew with Supported Employment team members, Mark, Jess and Phoebe.

A tour of Canterbury towers followed so that Matthew could appreciate the beautiful and historic setting in which he would be working.

Since starting in his work placement at Escape the Towers, Matthew has impressed everyone with his razor sharp attention to detail and fantastic memory. General Manager, Dean, has also commented on how Matthew's passion for Escape Rooms is evident in his work.

Matthew at One Pound Lane 'Escape in the Towers Escape Rooms'

Matthew has now finished his training in the Crime and Punishment room and run a couple of games on his own with members of the public. He is officially a Games Master! He is well on his way to mastering the Comms Room, the second of the three games at One Pound Lane.

Matthew recently reflected on his placement so far: "It has been very, very good. I am enjoying the environment, and the experience of what it's like to work. I am looking forward to learning even more new things and working on my skills and becoming more independent"

Colleagues at One Pound Lane have also spoken warmly about Matthew. 

"Matt's memory is truly remarkable. Each week Matt excels in every challenge we present him." - Paul, Games Master

"Energetic and aware - wish I was!" - Russell, colleague

Breathtaking views from the top of the Canterbury Towers at One Pound Lane

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