Macknade Fine Foods has been running in Faversham for over 170 years with ever-increasing success. What started life as a family farm is now one of the UK’s leading food halls set over a thriving 10,000 sqft, and boasts an impressive delicatessen counter, vast fresh fruit and vegetable selection & café.
Paul is the Food Service & Counters Manager, coordinating with the managers of all customer facing departments to ensure they are delivering the best experience possible for our trinity of customers, suppliers & staff.  Paul says "to this end, we fully support people from all walks of life and with a range of disabilities. The training is tailored to each department and the support offered is there for as long as it is needed. We appreciate it might take people with learning difficulties longer to pick up some skills and we are able to provide extra training to sit alongside their studies."

Being part of the Supported Internships Programme has strengthened the way we work and made us look closer at the ways we can support people in the workplace to achieve their goals. As a result, we have been able to improve all our training programs and document our processes better. This means that our employees know what is required of them on a daily basis and what goals they can set for improving themselves and the business in general. Taking on our current student has enabled us to streamline our replenishment and induction processes as a direct result of his employment.
I would recommended working with bemix if you have an interest in improving your workforce. Taking on this opportunity has helped us understand what we need as a business and has exposed the team to one of the most important life skills – communication. Every voice should be heard and listened to because you don’t know where the next big idea will come from!

 ''it's a great opportunity to get to work with amazing people like the staff at Macknades.I cant wait to see what the future holds'' - bemix Swale intern

Macknade turns 40 in June - celebrate with them at their 40th Birthday Bash. 

Tickets available through their website.