Lucca is a caring and hardworking individual who has a love and passion for animals, in particular Lucca loves rats! He has many pet rats! Lucca also has a Level 2 Distinction in Animal Care. Keeping this in mind, our Supported Internship Employer Engagement colleagues went out on a mission to find a placement where Lucca is able to work with a variety of animals. Something that would challenge him!

Lucca at work, involved in animal care tasks

When an Animal Care Assistant opportunity became available at Vets4Pets, we knew this was the ideal placement for Lucca. Lucca is showing great work ethic working alongside everyone at Vets4Pets at Gillingham, Medway, led by Nurse Manager, Betriece Mash. Lucca is gaining experience in a variety of tasks. Hands-on animal tasks have included - handling and restraining animals, preparing kennels, cleaning, packing and sterilising kits, cleaning kennels, assisting the vets/nurses as needed and preparing medications. Lucca has also been involved in general practice tasks such as - answering the telephone, using in-house computer systems, interacting with clients, handling emails, and general cleaning. Lucca is developing a variety of soft and hard skills and gaining in confidence.

“I'm enjoying my time at Vets4pets and it's a job/industry I've always wanted to get into and I'm happy with it. I enjoy working with the animals, sorting out the medications and I'm growing used to the receptionist duties too.” - Lucca

Lucca has been enjoying his placement so much that he recently requested extra work hours at the practice! As a result, Lucca’s Work Coah Lysette was able to reduce her hours with Lucca so much that support in person and on site has ended completely! This is after just a couple of weeks of work coaching, having started his placement on 1st February. Lucca’s Work Coach will remain in contact via phone and text going forward, but Lucca's work colleagues are providing all the training and support needed. An amazing start, Lucca! Congratulations!

Lucca at work, involved in animal care tasks

“Lucca has been with us for about a month now and he has made a great addition to our practice. He's fitted in nicely with the team and is very enthusiastic about animal care. He's a very fast learner and has met every task head on from day one.”  - Betriece Mash RVN, Head Nurse, Vets4pets

Lucca with Head Nurse and colleague, Betriece

We are proud to share Supported Employment stories - when passion, commitment and work ethic meet inclusive, supportive organisations - great things happen. Like all bemix Supported Employment partners, Vets4Pets are an organisation with the vision to see the value in everyone.  We want to live in a world where every single person is valued as an individual (it’s written in Our Vision) - this starts in our local community, including our workplaces (take a look at bemix Core Values) Our Supported Employment Programme enables interns and employers to enter into mutually beneficial relationships. Relationships where interns are supported to flourish and thrive. In return, through productivity, reliability, and commitment shown by interns, a previously unmet business need is fulfilled within the organisation. 

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