Amy was matched with JPS Renewable Energy to provide administrative support to the team, and what a match it has proven to be! Amy has quickly settled into the dynamics of the team, sparking conversations with colleagues and gaining independence at lightning speed. 

Putting her existing computer knowledge into practice, Amy is quickly picking up additional skills in software shortcuts - ‘ctrl C’ (used to copy text that is on screen) and ‘ctrl V’ (used to paste copied text) are firm favourites!  You only need to tell Amy something once and she’s cracked it!

Amy at her desk at JSP Renewable Energy

Keeping her work space tidy and organised, Amy is confident in printing documents and slotting them into customer booklets. With the support of her Work Coach, Amy is well on her way to working independently with the team after a short amount of time of work coach support. The team themselves are excellent at catering to Amy’s needs, providing patient support when required. This has led to Amy feeling comfortable and excited to take on new challenges.  

Richard, Amy's Line Manager has recently said, 'Amy is getting on really well'.

Amy’s continued motivation and strong work ethic is testament to the fantastic job matching carried out to align her interests with the job role. At bemix, we take time to understand each other as individuals - seeing the value in each quality, ability and passion  (as defined by our 'EPIC' Values). When job-matching interns to a Supported Employment work placement, a young person's passions and interests are key in ensuring happy, successful and sustainable outcomes, for all involved. The success of this placement so far is a reminder of how important it is for a young person to learn about themselves and understand what they want to do, as well as the importance of seizing opportunities.

'It's my dream... I love everybody' - Amy

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