Over the years, bemix have worked with not-for-profit creative space, Sun Pier House. Based in Chatham in Medway, this community venue has provided a number of opportunities and placements to young people from bemix - and we are delighted to be working with them once more!

bemix intern, Emily, started her Supported Employment placement as Social Media Assistant at Sun Pier House in early February this year. Her first task was to write a short introductory post about herself for Instagram and Facebook, which went live on the 10th February. 

Emily's first social media post for Sun Pier House!

Since then, Emily has embraced every task given to her! Tasks have included producing written content for both Instagram and Facebook, adjusting the length of her work to suit the platform she is uploading to. As well as this, Emily is producing photography and videography relevant to her writing. Emily has interviewed artists within the building - demonstrating great confidence and independence skills - using the information gathered to produce content. She has also spent time researching artworks within the gallery, going on to share the information on Instagram and Facebook.

Emily's posts even have their own name - ‘Emily's Blog’ - where you can find exciting content every week about Sun Pier House from Emily's perspective. You can find Emily’s post by following @sunpierhouse on Facebook and Instagram.

Emily at work at Sun Pier House

We caught up with Emily to see how she is getting on!

How are you finding your new placement with Sun Pier House?

Emily - It’s nice to do something I really enjoy. It’s a nice quiet environment which makes it easier for me to concentrate on tasks. Everyone here is really nice.

What has been your favourite task so far?

Emily - Interviewing the artists and filming tours of the gallery.

 Would you recommend a social media role to your friends at bemix?

Emily - Yes definitely. We can do whatever we put our minds to. We shouldn’t feel limited to certain job roles just because we have a disability.

"We're really excited to have Emily join our team at Sun Pier House. We love the journey that the bemix supported placements take us on, with loads of learning and growth for both us and the intern." Heather Burgess, Sun Pier House owner

At bemix, one of our Wider Values are ‘Collaboration’ - “Support given to people is most effective when the people and organisations giving it work closely together. We value co-working over competition. We build partnerships and share resources with organisations whose values are like ours.” It is wonderful to once again be working in partnership with Sun Pier House - employers who have the vision to see the value in everyone - via our Supported Employment programme.

We are excited to see what’s next for Emily and will continue to follow her Sun Pier House journey, via ‘Emily’s Blog’!

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