In preparation for Co-production week (6th-10th July 2020), we took some time to think about co-production and what it means to us at the Eco Shed.

The Eco Shed is a social enterprise that has no "boss", "staff", or "service users", as at the Eco Shed we work together. Everyone's voice is heard and we discuss and make decisions as a team.

"When I return, I will finish the light box that I was working on. And whilst I'm still at home, I'm going to design and plan a log dog to make when we return" - Stewart

It's been hard through isolation, not being able to be together in our workshop doing what we do best. But we have found ways to adapt and still "co-produce" by discussing creative and business development ideas for when we return.

"I think we have adapted really well. We have stayed creative by setting challenges. I'm looking forward to returning, so that I can carry on with painting the ottoman that I was working on before lockdown" - Andrew

Until we can get back to the workshop, here are a few pictures of co-produced projects from the past.  Check out our online shop and don't hesitate to contact us about commissions.


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