Last November, Declan started his Supported Internship placement as Store Assistant at Stone's Aquatics on the Isle of Sheppey. 

Declan has been getting to grips with the shop's selection of coldwater, marine and tropical fish. So far he has made exceptional progress!

"It's nice that I'm able to get on with what I need to do knowing Declan is already competent after such a short time." Darren, business owner 

The shop has stayed open during lockdown to provide customer with essential pet supplies and Declan has worked throughout; changing the tank water, serving customers and maintaining the fish tanks to a high standard. 

In fact, Declan has progressed so well in his placement that he will soon be working an extra day a week so he can further develop his skills in the industry.

"I enjoy changing the water in the tanks.  Coming into work makes me feel happy.  I'm looking forward to cleaning the tanks and doing more water changes.  I enjoy this job because I love fish." Declan 

Well done, Declan, for working so hard to ensure animal welfare in such challenging times!

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