Curtis began his placement in the kitchen at Allhallows holiday park in Rochester on 9 June 2021. He started working 5 hours on a Monday and Wednesday. Having previously worked in a kitchen, Curtis was able to apply his skills to the tasks that were given to him.

The kitchen team soon realised what an asset Curtis was to their kitchen and made it clear that they would like to offer Curtis a job when one became available within the business. 

The Allhallows team have been so impressed with Curtis and his food preparation skills, that a role has been created just for him!

Curtis with Work Coach, Louise

Like all bemix Supported Employment partners, this organisation has the vision to see the value in everybody. People have qualities, abilities and potential - taking time to understand everyone as individuals means we can be supported to achieve goals and dreams (as outlined in bemix EPIC Values and vision). Recognising that Curtis’ unique set of skills, interests and experience had been successfully matched to their business, Allhallows could grow their team with confidence. 

Curtis was offered a paid position in the kitchen at Allhallows holiday park which began on 9 August. Curtis now works 4 shifts per week, totalling 28 hours with the possibility of increasing those hours in the future. 

Curtis with kitchen team colleagues from Allhallows Holiday Park

Curtis’ commitment, skillset and delivery of high quality work has lead him to employment as an important and valued member of the kitchen team at Allhallows Holiday Park.

Curtis said he is really happy to have his job in the kitchen and he is going to save his first wage.

“Curtis is a real asset to the kitchen. He has become a vital part of the team. He is always so keen. Without the prep you can't cook! Go Curtis!” - Emma, colleague at Allhallows Holiday Park

Curtis's mum, Caron, said: “I can not express enough how thoroughly excited I am that Curtis has been offered a paid role in the kitchen at Allhallows Haven site. Curtis always works his socks off and tries his hardest to produce excellent work and this has certainly paid off for him as the staff there are creating a role just for him as they think he will be a valued member of their team. It goes without saying though how he has achieved this with the full support of the bemix team who have been exceptionally encouraging and willing to help with all aspects of Curtis's learning. Thank you to you all for being there for Curtis and guiding him in the right direction. I'm so proud of him.” 

Congratulations Curtis!

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