At the start of lockdown, Supported Internships Work Coach, Paige, set up a Short Story group.  She says,  "I wanted to create a group where young people could use their imaginations to escape their worries and anxieties during the Covid-19 situation. I wanted our young people to delve deep into their imaginations and show them the amazing work they can create."

"The session makes me feel happy and a sense of comfort and being to enjoy what we do in the sessions" - Daniel

Amy, Danielle, Daniel, Paige and Jess have been working together through Google Meets so that they can share ideas and write individual short stories.  So far they have explored how to start a story, building interesting characters and introducing conflict into stories.

They have brought to life the characters of Hannah the Celebrity, George the Mystery Solver and Aurora the Princes.

The group have also been working together to write a collaborative story using picture prompts and a word wheel.  Everyone has taken turns adding sentences to develop the story and bring the characters to life.  A lot of fun has been had and the group is now proud to share Part 1.  

The different coloured text represents a different contributor to the story.

Daniel = red

Danielle = pink

Amy = Purple

Paige = green

Jess = blue

Without further ado, please say "Hello" to the Crinklefoot family...  Read Part 1 here 

The group have developed skills in creativity and storytelling as well as having a lot of fun.

"I learnt how creative we could be with describing the characters in our short story given the examples we looked at last week" - Daniel